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1. always happy to meet athletic, defined, toned, slim, sexy guys, indians and other nationalities too... cheers
Age: 47 | seeks gay Indian dating in Andheri, Mumbai, Maharashtra INDIA

2. I love gay indians because of my experience in India with gay (shemale)
Age: 42 | seeks gay Indian dating in Sharjah, Sharjah, Sharjah UNITED ARAB EMIRATES

3. i like indians
Age: 61 | seeks gay Indian dating in Tianhe, Guangzhou, CANADA

4. I like indians because I think they are attractive.
Age: 49 | seeks gay Indian dating in Melbourne, Victoria AUSTRALIA

5. Within minutes after touch down at Mumbai airport, 7th of January 2002, I just fell in love with India … and it never disappeared again, till date … already then I knew : once – and as soon s possible – I would come to settle here, for good, leaving behind the cold rat race in Europe … I was lucky to get that opportunity because of my then work, project management in NGO. Since then I have been in India – both for work and privately - many times and in many places all over India, and I like(d) them all :-). Sweet memories which I will keep with me for the rest of my days … Mumbai, Kolkata, Bangalore of course but most of all the country side of Bharat, like the jungles of the Western Ghats, the villages of Tamil, the fields in Bihar, the clay huts in UP, the backwaters of Kerala … the smell of the country became my second breath … and there is still so much left I want to visit and to see. I have met lots of nice people everywhere around, others as well though :-) … and also a few very good friends in mean time … it makes me feeling wealthy and grateful at the same time … nothing can ever convince me to leave this country, not even the things or people I don't understand or which are hard to handle. Since July 2008 my dream became true, I am living now permanently in India. At the time being in Bangalore (nice climate, horrible traffic). But it can change, I don't know where I will end up as I have many plans and dreams still left to undertake … I want to develop small scale kind of business. Not commercial things but down to earth things for people who need : children, youngsters, unemployed, women for sure too … a continuation of what I was doing many years in my job in Europe. I am not the kind of who pretends not to see … No charity though but aiming to give chances to people to empower, to become independent in their life. Listen to : “Imagine” (John Lennon) and “Blowing in the wind” (Bob Dylan), that's my drive. For this work I have met already my partner in business, so not looking for a biz partner anymore. Though, people who feel to join me in this framework, feel welcome, stand up and take your responsibility for people who are living nearby you. Vocational training, job placement, skills training, that kind of things. Real things for real people. That's the summary of how and what I want and I will do in India. I am an Aquarius, creative, smart of course :-), attitude hey, unpredictable, kind of dominant :-), talkative, extrovert, meeting people is my all times being … nowadays I am single (again), open for and looking to meet new friends in my new life. In my opinion, friends are the best what can happen in someone's life. Friendship is the most important emotion. Though friendship means : being available, in good times, in bad times, being there to share things and life. I am not looking (already) for a boyfriend neither for one-night-stands (since the second time is always better :-) … so I am open for anything between “just friends” and whatever is an interesting contribution to my life. As I am willing to offer the same to my friends. By the way, like to make clear also that I am not really into people who call me sweety, dear, shemales, slaves, hot b0tt0ms …. No problem if somebody likes to be, but not my piece of cake. After all I am interested in real guys and everything which goes with that, otherwise I would not have left my straight life of before (indeed, HAVE had). To be clear and loud, I do not intend to go back again to the West (so if looking for a visa or sugar daddy … bad luck) because I don't like that West at all. In contrary, the most Western part, the States, I dislike as anything, and everything what this country would represent : junk food from MCDonalds or KFC, the lack of culture, history and human civilisation. I hate their attitude of wanting to rule my world and all bad things they cause around. I dislike racists, fascists, religious fanatics, right wing people, people who drink too much, who eat with open mouth. But I like India, I love indians, they turn me really on, I like lots of Indian foods, I like the colours of India, I smoke, I am a so called social drinker (not beers) though time to time like to get bit drunk also, I like pasta, coffee, chocolate (of course he, I am a native Belgian), again coffee, the sun but not that much the beach, travelling (as everybody does I guess), going out (not that much in disco because too loud). I like to explore new people, friends, worlds, things, places, … whatever. I don't reply on missed calls, like to prepare food (but don't like to do the dishes). What more ? I am almost an open book now ... :-) Let me know if … whatever :-)
Age: 61 | seeks gay Indian dating in Bangalore, Karnataka INDIA

6. myself being a indian i lov n like indians
Age: 39 | seeks gay Indian dating in Dubai, Ae UNITED ARAB EMIRATES

7. i love indians
Age: 31 | seeks gay Indian dating in Thane, Kalyan, Thane INDIA

8. Hot indians guys
Age: 23 | seeks gay Indian dating in Kuala Lumpur, Gay MALAYSIA

9. indians in USA, preferably 50 Hindu.
Age: 68 | seeks gay Indian dating in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania (PA) USA

10. I think indians have excellent bone structure and beautiful skins hues. I'm familiar with Hinduism and have a profound respect for its sense of duty and detachment.
Age: 43 | seeks gay Indian dating in Los Angeles, California (CA) USA

11. I am not Indian but I love the Indian culture, the people, the foods...everything!!!!! I even work for indians right now. I am a very hardworking, loyal, respectful, and honest person looking forward to meeting people who value those qualities.
Age: 32 | seeks gay Indian dating in Chicago, Illinois (IL) USA

12. as a indian i like indians only
Age: 46 | seeks gay Indian dating in Mumbai, Maharashtra INDIA

13. gay, dating, Indian, and other words, characteristics and activities related to gay indians
Age: 31 | seeks gay Indian dating in Mulund, Mumbai, Maharashtra INDIA

14. Love indians because they have incredible bodies. Prefer cricket type.
Age: 56 | seeks gay Indian dating in Goa, Kerala INDIA

15. indians are kind and cute
Age: 35 | seeks gay Indian dating in Hong Kong, Hong Kong, Hong Kong HONG KONG

16. I am also an indian i want aperson whose show respect caring kind attitue with some affection to their person.were sex is not the primary although this is important for life. This attitude is shown by maximun gay indians thats why i choose them.
Age: 29 | seeks gay Indian dating in Tajmahal Street, Agra, Agra INDIA

17. i loVe indians
Age: 25 | seeks gay Indian dating in Singapore, Macpherson SINGAPORE

18. indians are sooo sexy
Age: 24 | seeks gay Indian dating in Chevy Chase, Washington, DC (DC) USA

19. i like indians coz they make good lovers i luv young masculine indian boys of 18 to 25 for sex and long term friendship
Age: 56 | seeks gay Indian dating in Mumbai, Maharashtra INDIA

20. ---
Age: 47 | seeks gay Indian dating in Whitchurch, Shropshire UNITED KINGDOM

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